1. University of Michigan Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering professor Margaret Wooldridge, 45, (first left) discusses the nuances of a single cylinder optically accessible gasoline direct injection (GDI) engine with Michigan Engineering graduate students. The engine is on loan from Ford Motor Company and the optical access allows the students to image fuel injection and combustion and understand how the fuel injection and ignition events can be used to improve engine efficiency and emissions. The graduate students are (from right) Scott Wagnon, 25, (Mechanical Engineering), Steven Morris, 25, (Aerospace Engineering), Dimitris Assanis, 22, (Mechanical Engineering), Mohammad Fatouraie, 26, (Mechanical Engineering, pointing) and Andrew Mansfield, 26, (Mechanical Engineering, in the back).  G. G. Brown Laboratories 

    Photo by Marcin Szczepanski/University of Michigan, College of Engineering Multimedia Producer 

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