1. Harald W. Eberhart, Master Glass Blower in the Chemical Engineering Department at the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan, demonstrates some of the glass blowing techniques and products fro glass he has blown over the past 40 years. Eberhart is a second-generation glass blower, who began apprenticing under his father, Wolfgang R. Eberhart, at the age of 14. The elder Eberhart was one of the world’s most renouned scientific glass blowers and was one of the youngest Master Glassblowers to graduate in the history of Austria. Employed at the University since 1991 and being one of 69 university master glass blowers in the United States (as of a 2005 survey), Harald Eberhart has been building both scientific apparatuses for various researchers and professors at the University, as well as more artistic pieces for CoE Dean David Munson, Jr.

    Image by Joseph Xu | Michigan Engineering Communications & Marketing

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