1. 15 month old Wilson Irael Mendez has a congenital heart defect known as Tetralogy of Fallot and has stayed for free at the hospital Dr. Aldo Castañeda runs in Guatemala City for a month. Wilson needs to get stronger before the surgery. Wilson’s sister is keeping an eye out on him on Sunday, Feb 28, 2011.

    According to the Aldo Castañeda Foundation’s website, at the start of the program in 1997, Aldo was able to bring together the only 3 pediatric cardiologists practicing in Guatemala. This group has now grown to 8 cardiologists. Castañeda has also promoted the professional training of anesthesiologists, nurses, and other technical staff. 

    With the help of the Aldo Castañeda Foundation, the Pediatric Cardiac Surgical Unit of Guatemala has expanded to 2 exclusive operating rooms, an intensive care unit with 6 beds, a 4-bed step-down unit, and an 18-bed general ward. In addition, he has provided the infrastructure for a new laboratory for cardiac catheterization, and 2 laboratories for echocardiography. 

    Since 1997, the staff working in the outpatient clinic has seen more than 20,000 patients, and the surgeons have performed operations on about 2000 children with congenital cardiac disease.

    Photo by Marcin Szczepanski, Multimedia Content Producer/CoE’s Communications and Marketing

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